Thursday, July 23, 2009

New beginnings...

Welcome to our baby blog! My hope is to update this often to share baby updates and baby bump pictures with our family and friends. Thanks for visiting!

Our baby story...

Dave and I have wanted to start a family for awhile now, but we wanted to wait until we were more settled down and "ready" (are we ever though?). I wanted to finish grad school and working on my National Boards for teaching and Dave wanted to move to a house with more room (and land). I accomplished my goals and we're in the process of working on Dave's (anyone with suggestions on how to buy a decent house with 4+ acres will be my personal hero and I will see to it that you have a guest bedroom). Our big vacation this summer was to Oahu, Hawaii. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii, and since we knew we would start trying soon to have a baby, we decided to vacation there while we still had a little bit of money and freedom! I never thought we would get pregnant right away! But sure enough, the first month of trying worked! To surprise our close family and friends, we made a onesie that said, "MADE IN HAWAII" on it. Their reactions were smiles, I-knew-its!, and tears. We are so happy to have such wonderful friends and family who will shower Baby Ryhal with lots of love.

Dear Hilbert(eta),

First of all, I want to apologize for the name. Your daddy nicknamed you that and it makes me laugh, so you're sort of stuck with it for now. We are both so excited about you and are already making predictions about what you will look like, what your personality will be like, and whether you'll be a baseball player or a gymnast. Just so you know, we will be okay if you do neither of those things, as long as you're happy and healthy. Right now, you're making me very tired and my stomach feels a little weird, but other than that, I'm doing pretty well. So thank you for that. Can't wait to find out if you're a Hilbert or a Hilberteta.